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published: 2020-07-10
2020-07-10 13:38:40





Click HERE to view a QUICK demonstration of the Simple Needs Calculator


Click HERE to view a FULL demonstration of the Simple Needs Calculator






To purchase an annual license to access the standalone needs calculator must apply via this website as follows: -

  • This URL is

  • Click Register

  • Complete the registration process and submit. Remember keep your login and password safe because you will be required to login again to retrieve your Calculator and Access Codes,.

  • You will be sent an invoice for the annual license fee which will be licensed to you PERSONALLY!

  • You must pay the invoice and send proof of payment to

  • Within 2 working days after payment: -

    • You will be notified that your Simple Needs Calculator and access codes have been uploaded to your profile at this URL. You will then need to login and retrieve: -

      • Your Excel Simple Needs Calculator calculator from your secure Cyber Office

      • Your Simple Needs Calculator Access code from the inbox of your your profile Communication Centre

    • Remember, your only security is keeping your login credentials safe and your access codes secure.

    • You should never duplicate your excel calculator but rather save or export your results to a .pdf document for both security, continuity and record keeping purpose.

    • At the end of the Calendar year, your codes shall expire and you will need to renew your license at which time new codes will be uploaded for your following years access. It is important to note that your calculator (or copies thereof) will no longer function and you will no longer have access to the data that you may have saved under any copies thereof.




We offer a standalone Simple Needs Calculator to professional financial planning advisors who are looking for a basket of calculators designed to collate financial information and perform complex calculations that produce client friendly financial intelligence. Our standalone calculators are refreshingly unique in their simplicity; efficient in design and above all, offered at a fraction of the price of its competitors in a world gone mad with complexity and AI.


The Financial Advisor


Providing professional financial planning advice requires financial advisors to consider a vast amount of information from both a macro and micro-environment: financial; environmental; regulatory; and of course, emotional perspectives. Every client is different and no single software financial planning tool, no matter how expensive, will provide the all the advice clients need.


In providing advice, the financial advisor’s role is to ensure, no matter the advice offered, or recommendations made, that they enable the client to make informed decisions. Within all this complexity, financial advisors are looking for powerful, seamless, and intuitive tools that help them run financial scenarios and easy to understand illustrations to assist before, during or after client collaboration. Our Calculators are designed to enable financial advisors to independently, or in collaboration with their clients, build quick, easy to understand scenarios and illustrations. This will enable them to generate information that contributes toward providing efficient and professional financial advice.


The Practical Application


  • Calculators are standalone and excel based.

  • Minimal data capturing requirements for different need scenarios.

  • Macro environmental assumptions can be modified by the advisor to fit individual client assumptions.

  • An array of financial calculators and tools is also provided to support the needs-based inputs required.

  • Results are presented instantly, uniquely and in self-explanatory reports that are advisor and client friendly.

  • Using on-line collaborative technologies such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and others make scenario planning quick and effective.

  • Resultant reports can be published, exported, printed (digitally or hard copy), saved and converted into multiple formats (as per Excel rules).




  • Risk Need Calculators

    • In the event of Death

    • In the event of a Permanent Disability

    • Illness or Temporary disability

  • Savings Needs Calculators

    • Investment Goal and cash flows

    • Pre and Post retirement Goals and cash flows

  • Needs Calculation Summary

  • Pre-populated Record of Results

  • Estate Planning Calculators

    • Estate Duty and Executors Fees

    • Personal Capital Gains Taxes

    • Accrual Claims (marriages under the accrual system

    • Pre-Retirement Savings Estimates to Determine Future Value

    • Post-Retirement Cash Flow estimates

  • Financial Calculators

    • Present or Future values of Amounts

    • Present or Future values of Annuities

    • Rates of Returns on a lump sum

    • Annuitising a Future amount

    • A Monthly Loan Repayment

    • An After-Tax Real Rate of Return on Investment

    • A Tax-Free Equivalent Yield

    • A Tax-Free Equivalent Rate for a Tax-Free Yield




  • Once your annual license fee has been paid, there shall be no refunds whatsoever due to the licensing and access conditions
  • The tool provides calculations and should not be construed as financial, legal or tax advice and is used entirely at the Client’s risk.
  • License Fees are payable and renewable annually or part thereof as may be stipulated by the Licensor from time to time.
  • Access to the SNC will automatically be denied after expiry of the current license fee and will only be renewed upon confirmation of payment of the Renewal License Fee as shall be disclosed from time to time at
  • The pfireNet Needs Calculator has embedded identification codes enabling the tracing of licensee
  • As the Licensee, you may not make or distribute copies of the SNC, nor may you share your dedicated Access Codes to anyone and nor allow anyone access to the SNC other than yourself.
  • You may not copy, reverse engineer or in any way compromise the SNC, its intellectual property ownership or diminish its value in any way. You accept, as we do, that our license arrangements and access relies, in a large measure, on acting in good faith, honesty and integrity.
  • Rates or return used is based upon the difference in the growth rate AND Inflation rate. If you capture the inflation rate, a REAL rate of return is calculated. If you ZERO the inflation     rate, a NOMINAL rate of return is calculated
  • All projected capital calculations assume Capital to be exhausted!
  • The resultant calculations are estimates only and results may vary depending upon advance or arrear payments, fees and/or timing differences.
  • You must have an understanding of financial calculations (such as but not limited to present and future value calculations) in order to determine the accuracy of the calculated results
  • This information is designed to assist you to analyse financial needs. It is based on information and assumptions used regarding goals, expectations and financial situation.
  • The calculations do not infer that the Pfire Group or any of its associated companies assumes any fiduciary duties.
  • The calculations provided should not be construed as financial, legal or tax advice. In addition, such information should not be relied upon as your only source of information
  • These are estimates only and we cannot guarantee its accuracy. Errors and Omissions Accepted.
  • Whilst efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of the calculator, it is the licensees responsibility to ensure its accuracy and reliance on the results and therefore uses this calculator at their own risk.
  • Should the Licensor feel that any of the calculations or results, in their opinion are inaccurate, they should desist from using the calculator immediately and report these findings to the Licensor for examination and auditing.




A sample of a calculation in the event of DEATH ...



An extract sample of a calculation for RETIREMENT ...